What’s the first thought that comes to mind when a company seeks to make a purchase? ROI. Return on investment as quantified by a multitude of data, sales numbers and tangible results. It’s no surprise in our fast-paced, highly competitive world today that decisions are made almost by way of mathematical equation, computable efforts that lead to measurable results.

If leading companies apply such stringent standards for fueling and ultimately calculating outside success, the same too should apply to internal company dynamics.

It seems easy to benchmark your team’s success from a qualitative standpoint. Sure, ‘they communicate.’ ‘I believe everyone is working towards the same goals.’ ‘Yes, most of the time there is trust.’ Yet, in today’s data-driven, number hungry thirst for true return on investment – is that enough? How do internal communication, synergy and trust move the dial from a revenue standpoint?


Identifying & Harnessing Untapped Team Potential

Determining whether or not your team or business is operating at peak performance, at full capacity, subjectively is one thing. Leveraging quantitative data to unearth untapped potential in your organization? That’s another story, and one significantly more compelling.

Through Quantitative Alignment Evaluations, or QAE profiling, companies can identify internal dysfunctions and issues that are handicapping their employees’ true ability:

  • To operate at optimal capacity.
  • To achieve exceptional business performance.
  • To deliver the most value, in the shortest time, for the lowest cost.


Consider it this way.

Calculating Untapped Potential Infographic


The Risk of Continuing On Your Current Path

Without even realizing it, most companies are operating at a capacity of less than 70% and many are operating at 50%. Think about that for a second. If you’re a $10 Million company and your staffing cost is half of that ($5 Million) and you’re only producing 50% of what you can produce – you’re actually a $20 Million company with a $5 Million dollar staff cost…

…A $20 Million company that is losing out on $10 Million in revenue because there is untapped potential in your teams smothered by non value-added activity. It’s this non value-added activity that results in employees operating at a fraction of the capacity they’re capable of.        


The Opportunity of Forging a New One

QAE profiles help to pinpoint the untapped potential in your organization (and that there in fact is, an issue with capacity). Very quickly you are able to enlist someone like Pathmakers to coach you through the human side of things, working individually with those who have the opportunity to be and do more – to operate at their full capacity.

What is your potential for growth? What if you could increase capacity without increasing staff costs? Increased capacity leads to increased revenue without increasing your costs – certainly a compelling notion for any savvy business person.

Your company may be at 50% now; let us help you operate at 100%. Partner with Pathmakers to experience a qualitative and quantitative approach to finding, harnessing and leveraging untapped potential within your organization.