We at Pathmakers believe the old adage of “curiosity killed the cat” is overused and superfluous. Dr. Seuss was a master of curiosity. If you are not curious by nature or don’t always take the time to be curious, we suggest you jump-start your curiosity crusade by doing the following:

Ask questions.  It’s that easy.  Dig one step deeper by asking who, what, when, where, how or why.


Simple, right? Well, let’s go even further…


Consider going even deeper in your conversations with others. Most of us stay surface during interactions with others. We spend most of our time interacting around issues, tasks, results and facts because it feels safe and it’s how we believe we add value. Try going deeper to unleash the true potential and impact you can have on one another by addressing fears, beliefs, judgments and emotions. It goes back to the “why” question. “Why do you feel that way?” or “Help me understand where this belief began.” Asking deeper questions like this builds authentic, committed relationships and high-performance teams by bringing root issues and concerns to the surface.


Lastly, but most importantly…


Listen.  Set aside your cell phone, computer and any other distractions.  Be present and focused on the people you are talking with and what they are saying. Once you start asking the important questions, you will want to hear the answers!

Curiosity requires courage. The courage to ask “why” and be genuinely interested in what lies beneath the surface. Being curious helps you understand people better by recognizing and appreciating their needs more clearly.  It grows your relationships exponentially.

Channel your inner child, be curious like Dr. Seuss or Curious George and start asking more questions!