By Beth Mendoza

So many things can be said about change, but rarely can we say that change is beautiful as we are going through it.  We can usually look back and see the beauty in change; however, during the change we see the struggle, chaos, imperfection, tension and confusion.

On rare occasions we get to see the beauty during the change and transition.  I recently had an experience with that as I transitioned to Pathmakers, Inc. after 20 years with a previous employer.  While the idea of making this change was at times overwhelming and a little scary, the experience itself has been wonderful.

From the moment I met the Pathmakers team, I felt a sense of comfort and growth.  The comfort came from the warm welcome, the genuine care for me as a person, the thoughtful interactions and responses, and of course the heartfelt hugs.  The growth came from participating in the Pathmakers’ process, the willingness of the team to invest in me as a person, the daily challenges to be my best, and laughing and sharing laughter.  The Pathmakers people and the culture we create mindfully each and every day is one that encourages healthy change.  So, it is fitting that the change felt beautiful even as I was experiencing it.

While there are so many things I could highlight about my transition to the Pathmakers family, I want to highlight one – authenticity.  This group is truly the most authentic group of people I have worked with.  I believe their authenticity comes from their love for others and their desire to help people see their talents and be their best.  Even on the days when we aren’t at our best, we seek our best.  Pathmakers lives what they share.  I have seen so many examples of team members helping one another seek their best.  The authenticity is so refreshing and beautiful.

Another sign of the beauty of this change is the feedback that Pathmakers has received from clients.  In the short two months that I have been here, I have seen emails and heard feedback from clients about the amazing impact that Pathmakers has had on them personally and professionally.  In fact, recently two of our Executive Leadership Coaches have been accused of being the “two most genuine people in the world” who had “a powerful influence on my (the client’s) life”.

So, my advice to you…Make a wish.  Take a chance.  Make a change.  There is an opportunity to see great beauty in yourself, the people around you and the world.