You’ve worked in your organization for a long time and have a lot invested. You love the company’s culture and vision. So, now you hear that a big change is coming. Maybe a merger? Maybe your CEO or owner is retiring? Whatever it is, you have lots of questions. Don’t panic. Here are the top 3 questions you really should be asking.

  1. How does this change tie into the strategic vision of the organization? 
    • Especially when you love your job, company, and culture, you are likely going to want to know if that culture will be changing. When big changes, like a company buyout or merger happen, it’s likely that changes will occur no matter what you are told. But if you can nail down the purpose of the upcoming change, you can better understand where the company is going and what their objective is. This will, in turn, help you decide whether or not you will champion the cause.
  2. Is Leadership on board with the change?
    • When each and every leader in the company is on board with the change, you will know it. If not, you will know that too. Often times, if there is discord among leaders regarding a company change, you may see behaviors or hear comments that are not reflective of the positive culture you know and love. This is not uncommon, but can be a big problem if not handled in the correct manner. If a leader is vocal about their dislike, they may have valid concerns but they should be voiced in a constructive way, not behind other leaders’ backs. Remember that change affects everyone differently so just because one or two leaders are not on board right away doesn’t mean you should jump ship. Test the waters of how leadership is affected by the change – that’s a telltale sign.
  3. How will this affect employees? (not just YOU)  
    • When a disruption at work occurs, we most often think of ourselves first. How is this change going to affect ME and my job? This is human nature. Ask questions and offer your ideas, but make sure you aren’t only thinking of yourself – how will this affect our department or team? It’s best to maintain a global, big picture way of thinking. Don’t shut down. You’ll get a better understanding of how things are going to unfold if you keep communication lines open.

True… there could be negative effects of a looming change in your organization, but by asking these important questions and staying alert to leadership behaviors throughout the organization, you can transition through it without panicking.

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